Our kennels have large tiled indoor and outdoor runs (7.5 square meters), with views overlooking 5 acres of the beautiful Wirral countryside. The kennel floors also have a gentle slope in order to assist cleaning. All sleeping areas have infrared heat lamps for cold nights and each dog is given beds made from chew proof recycled plastic with a waterproof mattress for comfort. Our kennels are designed to be safe, secure and easy to clean, and have also been designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Rainwater is collected from the kennel roofs and used to wash down the individual runs.

Exercise & Enrichment

Dogs are walked twice a day and we have the option of some off-lead fun in our large outdoor secure enclosures. Different walking routes offer plenty of stimulation and things to occupy active minds. Balls and toys to chase and fetch await those with a penchant for such things in our secure fenced areas. We also offer playtime in groups of similar energy. Exercise is given appropriate to the individual – lively dogs will enjoy a walk and an off-lead blast whilst an older one maybe a more sedate stroll for a change of scenery. This is in addition to us walking around talking to the dogs, checking how they are, sitting in their pens with them and generally ensuring their comfort and wellbeing.


A wide selection of diets is available and feeding times are kept as close as possible to their normal routine. If your pet is on a medicated or special diet, then we are happy for you to bring your own food. Our experienced team is also able to administer any medication as required.


All dogs must have a current vaccination record. This must be produced at check in. We also require dogs to be vaccinated against kennel cough.

What to bring?

We provide food/water bowls and bedding. Please bring your dog on a lead. We are happy for you to bring toys, balls, bones, treats and any other items to comfort your pet.

Day care

A growing number of customers like to leave their pets with us during the day whilst they are at work. We offer flexible out-of-hours drop off and collection times. Please contact us in order to discuss your personal requirements. In addition to our 2 regular walks, extra walks can be booked. Charges are from £5.00 for 20 minutes.

For more information about our dog kennels or day care, call Ivy Kennels & Cattery on 0151 608 8755