Ivy Dog Park

Welcome to Ivy Dog Park

Ivy Dog Park gives you the peace of mind that public parks can’t. Your dog can have a private place to run, play, explore and sniff in a secure environment.
Dogs of any breed, size, or personality are welcome.


Ivy Dog Park Facilities

We offer a safe space for your dog in a fully fenced 1.7-acre enclosure. Fences are 5ft 5 high for optimum security.
We have a secure double gated entrance and exit area, to provide safety and ease of access when multiple dogs are being walked.


£11.50 per hour (up to 3 dogs).
£1.25 per additional dog.
No more than 10 dogs allowed per booking.


Booking & Payment

You can book hourly slots from 7:00am – 9:00pm, 7 days a week.
Bookings can be made using our online booking system or call 0151 608 8755.


Additional Info & T&C’s

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